The Challenges


We are delighted to announce that the following six challenges have been selected to receive design and business support over a five week period.If your particular challenge or idea has not been selected, you can still get involved by submitting an idea to solve one of the chosen challenges or attending the forthcoming events and being part of a challenge team.

1. How do we reduce carbon emissions, generate renewable energy as a town, and generate revenue for the community?

2. How can we safeguard our smaller primary schools and the vital role they play in Cornish villages?

3. How can we make the Market House in St Austell a vibrant community space which is viable for the long term?

4. How do we address the issue of unaffordable homes in Cornwall?

5. How can we provide meaningful work experience for the increasing 2nd and 3rd generation of people who have never worked?

6. How can we unite distribution networks and marketplaces for local produce so they can rival the big supermarkets?


How did we select these?

To help us select our 6 challenges we used a strict set of criteria spanning a variety of topics:

  • Can the ideas generated achieve there maximum potential with this kind of support?
  • Is the challenge one which affects the local community as a whole?
  • Does the challenge bring a sense of originality and variety to the project?
  • Would solving the challenge help make a difference to everyone and not just the individual?
  • Does the challenge express the hallmarks of “the Big Society” in action?