What exactly is The Big Design Challenge


What exactly is it?

The Big Design Challenge is a practical way to address Cornwall’s issues through community action, inspiring local people to come forward with challenges and design solutions that have potential to improve peoples lives.

We want to find out what issues matter most to people and we have developed this website as a place for sharing ideas and connecting people.
The Big Design Challenge team will also be out an about visiting towns and villages near you throughout November and December 2010.

How does it work?

You are invited to set your challenges and submit ideas for solving them.

Here’s an example of a challenge:

How do we … help the 45,000 people in Cornwall who live in fuel poverty?

And here’s an example of an idea that could solve this challenge:

We could … train and pay people in the community who have time on their hands to insulate homes.

The website will enable people to browse challenges, add ideas and support ideas that have been submitted. Twitter will also be used to connect people with each other, discuss ideas and collaborate to solve challenges. Our Twitter tag is @bigcornwall.

In January 2011, challenges with the strongest ideas will be selected to receive mentoring and support from designers and businesses. Even if your challenge is not selected however, you may still have an opportunity to present your big idea to a panel of judges in March.

The social or economic nature of your ideas will determine what happens next but we’re hoping that they will inspire positive change in Cornwall – perhaps implemented by Cornwall Council as way of improving public services or turned into social enterprises and businesses.

What is the selection process?

How do we choose which challenges receive support?

The ideas with the biggest positive impact to people in Cornwall are most likely to receive support, and this will be determined by the popularity of individual challenges and a committee of five judges, drawn from across the Dott Cornwall organisation partners.

Big positive impact doesn’t mean the challenges or ideas have to be big, they just have to have a big impact in a way that improves peoples’ lives in Cornwall.

Why do it?

Do it if you believe that local people should be supported to have more involvement in designing solutions to the social challenges they face.

Good for you

By taking part in the Big Design Challenge, you will have an opportunity to have your say and gain an insight into the issues that people living in Cornwall are facing. Your challenges and ideas will be shared and heard by everyone, including government and business leaders who could influence change … for you.

Good for your community
This is an exciting opportunity for you to do something to help your community and improve quality of life for you, your family and your neighbours.

Good for business
You could be part of a team that receives expert business mentoring and design support to develop ideas into a real business opportunity or a social enterprise.

A Cornish Dragons’ Den

Support for each challenge team will be focused around developing the “big idea” in readiness for a Dragons Den style pitch to influential judges in March 2011.

The winning team will receive a prize fund worth up to £10,000 to develop the idea further with support from designers and businesses in Cornwall.

Make it count!

As an incentive to get people to submit ideas we’ve launched a Big Give Collection for ShelterBox and will be adding 10p for a challenge, 20p for an idea and 5p for every comment received.